The story of the Tenuta Mara or Mara Wine Estate began on the day that Giordano Emendatori decided to fulfill his great passion, a passion for wine, devoting himself to the planning and construction of an estate, naming it after his wife Mara, ‘She who has always been an important support in all the adventures of my life.’

After buying the land in 2000, five years had to pass before they could implant the vineyard: seven hectares exposed to the gentle sun of Romagna. An area – next to the hilltop village of San Clemente – dedicated to a great Italian vine: The Sangiovese

Visiting Tenuta Mara means living an extraordinary wine experience, unmatched in its category. A journey which lasts about two hours, beginning at the park and at the works of art ‘En plein air’, continuing into the vineyard where the grapes are grown and then become ‘MaraMia’. Along the way, you will be lulled by the richness and warmth of the notes of Mozart which are diffused throughout the vines by a sophisticated BOSE speaker system. One can also hear the delicate chirping of the many birds that inhabit the estate, a genuine natural oasis, this is a symbol of a perfect ecosystem which was built with great skill over the years.

Indoors, the tour begins in the magnificent music room from which, via a staircase that is also a work of art, you enter the ‘sacred’ places of our wine: the Tinaia, the Cantina, The Bottaia. (These are where our wines are fermented, stored, cared for in the cellars).

It is a marvelously sensory experience which ends with a tasting of the undisputed star of this beautiful and unique reality: The MaraMia.

The environment and nature

The music of Mozart and Gregorian chants are not the only sounds that accompany the guests who walk between the rows of the Biodynamic Tenuta Mara. The ear is indeed stimulated by the singing of many birds that play a key role in conserving the biological balance of the ecosystem that underlies the practice of biodynamic farming.

The vineyard covers approximately 7 hectares and is named after the three grandchildren of Giordano and Mara Emendatori: Andrea, Indira and Achille. All rigorously cultivated following the dictates of biodynamic farming.

In addition, their nesting is a valid indicator of the habitat’s health and biodiversity. For this reason, 550 bird houses, 70 shelter boxes for bats and 5 walls for nesting insects, have been placed throughout the estate. Every year all the species that inhabit the estate are the subject of a scrupulous census by an ornithologist.

The main characters