The biodynamic method

Minimizing human intervention is a choice of biodynamic agriculture that we have fully embraced. At Tenuta Mara the vines are cultivated, based on the Lunar and Planetary Calendar and instead of treating the soil with fertilizer, we prepare the earth with a mixture of plant and animal origin.

The rest is given to the thousands of micro-organisms living in the soil that keep it active. Our respect for nature also accompanies us into the process of transforming grapes into Sangiovese wine.

We do not seek short cuts: Biodynamic agriculture does not ever contemplate chemical products or corrective wines, they do not enter nor will they ever enter into Tenuta Mara. Let the earth and the stars spell out the rhythm. We, after careful wine-tasting, bottle only the best wine.

Music and art

At the Biodynamic Tenuta Mara, vines grow accompanied by classical music: strings, wind-instruments and musical chords flowing in the air, embracing the plants that flourish, rocked by the harmonies of Mozart, like in an immense concert hall.

The harmonies follow the process of the transformation of grapes into fine wine even in the cellar, where Gregorian chants resound in an atmosphere of absolute peace and meditation. To create this unique atmosphere a sophisticated BOSE speaker system has been installed, positioned alongside the rows, that spread musical notes down the vineyard.

Works of art are positioned in perfect harmony with the natural landscape of Tenuta Mara, on an artistic path en plein air that has no comparison: To welcome guests, but also to keep watch on the estate entrance, there is Mauro Staccioli‘s ‘L’arco della rotonda della Besana’, created for the occasion of the Besana ’80 exhibition in Milan. Moving on you will meet Giò Pomodoro’s ‘Hermes conduce il sole’, the bronze sculpture ‘L’incontro’ of Pietro Sbarluzzi, the neoclassical statue ‘Le quattro stagioni’ to keep watch on the balance of the biodynamic garden…

An extraordinary music room with large windows overlooking the valley, up to the sea, is home to a Fazioli grand piano, for innovative concerts, wine tastings with live music, and also for piano master classes, wine tasting experiences and events that well combine music and wine.

The Sangiovese

The only wine of its kind in the world, as Unique is the place in which it grows. The MaraMia has no shortcuts, you must enter into its world to understand it. A world made of light, earth, water and fire. A world that runs 365 days a year, behind the effort and hands of the wine growers, who assist and help it to become a liquid which is scented of extreme candour and complexity. The MaraMia offers us a clean immediate smell, from a lively fruit. It’s joyful and young. It reminds us of strawberries, sour cherries; notes of laurel and ginger root merging into it. The MaraMia is docile, caressing, with moderate and crisp tannins, which invite one to pursue the taste. The mouth remains complacent, the liquid spreads over the entire palate with noble and gentle but not presumptuous aromas. The MaraMia is life. It’s born… it matures… it dies. It does not last forever. Savour it in its splendor.

The health of the vineyards – 7 hectares of vines grown exclusively for the production of Sangiovese wine where plant care is flawless – confirms the quality of the farming choices they have made. Not only green manure but also biodiversity protection and the music of Mozart, which is diffused in the vineyards night and day to accompany the growth cycle of the vines.
The handpicked grapes, for the production of the biodynamic wine, undergo a very strict selection under the eyes and hands of sixteen employees. Sangiovese wine is fermented in vats without temperature control and without any yeast addition and eventually it lands in the Bottaia where two Chinese warriors keep watch day and night, along with the Gregorian chants.

This is how MaraMia is achieved, an exquisite and unique red wine, nourished with quality and art, biodynamic and 100% Sangiovese.