Perfect Harmony between Art and Nature

A few kilometers away from the Adriatic coast, on the hills not far from Rimini, it stands Tenuta Mara, an oasis of peace and relaxation. The beating heart of the whole architectural project, next to the winery, isthe park that welcomes you. Scents, colors and sounds of the Romagna landscape let you discover an extraordinary artistic outdoor route, a preview of the sensory experience that reserves Tenuta Mara.

Suddenly you are joined by a gentle Mozart symphony that spreads among the vineyards: it is the soundtrack that accompanies the growth of a fine Sangiovese, the MaraMia, the undisputed protagonist of the Estate. A few steps from the vineyards the ancient manor house, today, after a careful and meticulous restoration work, is a small jewel, an exclusive refuge.

One of the four themed suites inspired by the decorations and furnishings of four large Italian cities – Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence, will be your love nest during your stay here. Getting married at Tenuta Mara means entering into a magic dimension whereyou can experience beauty with your five senses: the perfect place to celebrate your love story.

Destination Wedding in Romagna

The link between art, wine and music is as old as the world, and meets the need to enter into deepcommunion with emotions, ideas and sensations. For this reason the fateful Yes can only be pronouncedamong the lush musical vineyards, surrounded by the embrace of nature.

The large windows of the Music Hall will welcome your exclusive wedding party on the warm notes of the Grand Coda Fazoli piano that willplay only for you.

The day after, before leaving for your honeymoon, you can venture with your guests to discover the ‘sacred’ places of Tenuta Mara wine. The tour starts from the Tinaia, where there are six large tuns, each one a work by a young contemporary artist. From here you can admire the Bottaia, the Temple of Sangiovese wine, protected by two ancient Chinese warriors with Gregorian chants in the background; finally the Barricaia, inspired by the Byzantine art, keeper of barrique and tonneaux, where the great wines of the Estate rest. Getting married at Tenuta Mara means entering into a magical dimension to be experienced through the five senses: the perfect place to celebrate your love story.

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